Our Program

Three-Week Summer Residency

The summer residency is designed to help you:

Learn how to thrive in a college environment

Experience living away from home and your family

Create lifelong relationships with academically-motivated peers

Build community with new friends and mentors

Challenge yourself and experience personal growth in a supportive environment

Experience a taste of college life before you begin

You will live in USC residential housing on campus and be paired with a roommate who is also from the program. Resident Advisors live on-site to support you and facilitate social activities.

3:1 Scholar to program staff ratio for the Summer Residency

Program Structure

You will be assigned a coach who will provide you with hands-on, individualized support throughout the college application and essay-writing process.

For some exercises, such as your career self-assessment, you will work independently. For most activities, you will work in small groups. For special guest speakers and general-interest lectures, the full USC Bovard Scholars cohort will come together.

On Saturday mornings, you will take a full-length practice exam to simulate the real exam process.


While you will participate in a full slate of daily programming during your three-week residency, we incorporate numerous social activities into the schedule to build camaraderie and provide breaks from the intensive learning sessions.

Upon departure from the summer experience, you will continue to work with your dedicated admissions coach throughout your entire college application process.



“Being in the program gives you more confidence in college. You did it once for three weeks, now do it for four years.”

—Aly Tantawy, ‘17 Bovard Scholar, now at the University of Chicago