Our Program

Program Overview

We prepare our scholars to:

Gain admission to top-tier universities

Navigate the complex admissions and financial aid process

Explore potential careers and ignite professional passions

Connect occupational goals to academic pursuits

Feel at home on a college campus through an immersive residential experience on USC’s campus

Learn test-taking strategies and boost their entrance exam scores

Understand tools and resources available on a college campus that support success

Determine which college is the best fit

Meet peers and make lifelong, like-minded friends

As a Bovard Scholar you will:

Expert Admissions & Financial Aid Support

Learn how to attend top-tier schools

We’ll walk you through each question of a college application and let you know what admissions committees are indirectly asking. When a college application asks for your “possible career or professional plans,” what should you say? Why do they want to know if English is not your first language? When they ask for optional information regarding “special circumstances and additional qualifications,” should you respond — and what would be an appropriate answer? We’ll help you showcase your personal achievements in a way that optimizes your strengths and resonates with the selection committee.

You will also learn how to attend top-tier schools for free or a fraction of the price. Just like shopping for a car, you shouldn’t expect to pay the sticker price to attend a prestigious college. We’ll help you navigate the scholarship and financial aid process and make sure you understand how to fill out those complicated forms.

Comprehensive Test Preparation

personalized test preparation tailored to your focus areas

We offer the highest quality, personalized test preparation tailored to your focus areas.

You’ll take numerous practice exams that simulate the real thing, helping you build confidence and understand what to expect. At the completion of our program, you’ll have reached your personal best score.

“The program took career exploration to another level”

—Abigail Gonzalez, ‘17 Bovard Scholar, now at Pomona College

“They give you a gateway into the mind of an admissions officer.”

—Aly Tantawy, ‘17 Bovard Scholar, now at the University of Chicago