Our Scholars

Hear from Our Scholars

  • “Do not miss out on a wonderful experience. Not only do you leave feeling like you learned so much, but you leave with a huge network of people who care about you, and want you to succeed. From your coach, to your RA, to your peers, you will find people who are so encouraging and inspiring. USC became my home away from home.”

    Rhondaya Fishburne
    Rhondaya FishburneAstoria, NY
  • “You should apply to Bovard Scholars, because you will not only grow as a person, but you learn all about the resources that are available to you. You get to explore a variety of careers, receive one-on-one access to a coach, who helps you through the college application. You receive a full support system from amazing people. This is a one in a life-time opportunity!”

    Isabel Munoz
    Isabel MunozPalm Springs, CA
  • “My biggest fear coming to the program was becoming home sick. I’ve never spent longer than a week away from home and this program was a 3-week stay! At first it just seemed like a long time for me, but as you meet people and make friends you begin to feel at home with your new Bovard Family, that when the 3 weeks is over you don’t want to leave!”

    Edgar Sanchez
    Edgar SanchezSanta Fe Springs, CA
  • “Bovard Scholars is one of the most life beneficial programs that can be offered to any incoming senior in high school. This program just allows less stress on the college process and brings hope. As a low income student, it puts hope that we can accomplish the big goals and aspirations we have always dreamt of. The staff is the most resourceful and everyone involved in the program will make you feel like a big family.”

    Sabrina Pierre
    Sabrina PierreSierra Vista, AZ
  • “This is the one program that each student needs to participate in. This is your chance to finally understand the importance of college. This is the time to find yourself. There is no other program out there that will expose you to all the advantages that those of the advantaged have received. You would be a fool to not apply to something geared towards your success in the college process.”

    Kanyah Curd
    Kanyah CurdCompton, CA
  • “It is the best program I have ever attended. Hands down you are not only with people who are like you, but as driven as you; it’s such an amazing experience.  And you’re not struggling, all of you are going through the same thing together. The program opens so many doors for you and it is such a beneficial resource and you get to meet amazing people that you know you’ll be friends with forever.”

    Stephanie Corrales
    Stephanie CorralesLos Angeles, CA
  • “Bovard Scholars was truly a life-changing experience. I learned and experienced so many things that I would have never acquired if I had not applied. It steered my life into a completely different direction, prepared me immensely for college admissions and allowed me to meet people who I’ll value for the rest of my life. Not only did it cover every one of my financial costs, but also gave me an authentic college experience. I was incredibly devastated to leave.”

    Diana Perez
    Diana PerezCovina, CA
  • “My biggest fear was knowing that I was going to be away from home for such a long time. I thought I was going to get really homesick and I thought I was not going to make any friends; the complete opposite occurred. Before the first week was over, I had already made a great group of friends. I thought that everyone was going to be so intimidating but I loved that everyone was so friendly. I thought that the program was going to consist of extremely rigorous coursework, but I loved how everything we did has helped us or will help us in the long run.”

    Miguel Moran
    Miguel MoranSouth Gate, CA
  • “It is amazing to see how many people can be gathered and are willing to share the ins and outs of the college admission process, as well as, have the patience to work with us and answer every single question we have about the next big step in our lives. This experience was defined by the knowledge I gained both inside and outside the classroom.”

    Diego Ramos
    Diego RamosAstoria, NY